Praise for the book


”A great guide for how your organization can plan and design the digital workplace for the future of work.”

Jacob Morgan, best-selling author, speaker, and futurist 


"Oscar Berg & Henrik Gustafsson propose a complete approach to improve, one that really puts human needs at the center of work digitalization. This book should give back hope to many, as it did to me!"

Céline Schillinger, Founder & CEO, We Need Social


"The authors provide an balanced perspective of the benefits and challenges of digital workplace implementation, presenting invaluable guidance on translating a vision into a high-quality employee experience."

 Martin White, author of "Enterprise Search" and Managing Director, Intranet Focus Ltd


"I strongly recommend that digital workplace project teams invest the time to read and discuss the book together. The time will be well spent, bringing team members with complementary skills to a shared understanding of how to make the digital workplace the heart of where people interact and create value."

Jane McConnell, workplace strategy advisor, NetJMC


"This book is genial. It helps you understand the digital workplace and what modern working life is about. A really good guide to a smarter digital workplace."

Catharina Jogården, Digital Development Manager, NCC


"This is a must-read book for business and IT leaders wanting to improve the digital workplace. Oscar Berg and Henrik Gustafsson have created a new corporate “bible” for better connecting people, information, and knowledge to improve customer engagement and operational efficiency. The best book I have read in years!"

Atle Skjekkeland, President, Digital Value Institute


"If you really want to create a sustainable workplace where the people can focus on the things that really matter, then here you have the best guidebook to take you there."

Hanna Rehnström, Global Service Delivery Manager - Digital Workplace, Tetra Pak


”The book provides a great holistic overview of the journey towards the new working life, from defining concrete value and vision to a practical approach for strategy development, service orientation, and activity-based ways of working. This ensures a well-grounded journey to success for the organization and to a modern way of working in a digital world."

Henrik Byström, Business Group Manager Modern Workplace and Microsoft 365, Microsoft